LETTER TO THE EDITOR:Good for Landgraf

I applaud State Rep. Brooks Landgraf for filing legislation to repeal the Starr test. Teachers, parents or anyone who is concerned with the negative effects of this test, please urge your congressmen to support this bill.

So much time, attention and importance is now focused on standardized testing in the public schools that teachers have less time for instruction in basic skills.

Education should be a positive experience which encourages, stimulates, excites and inspires students to want to learn and continue learning on their own. Standardized testing does not achieve this goal. It is a negative, punitive experience which erroneously labels many students, teachers and schools districts as failures.

Testing should only be used as a diagnostic tool to determine where remedial curriculum is needed, not as a basis for federal funding or hiring or firing personnel. The stress is causing physical ailments such as migraines and stomach ulcers in students, parents and teachers.

Students are already tested throughout the year on core subjects and receive report cards. That should be sufficient accountability.