LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump supporters take heart

Supporters of our President Donald Trump don’t get depressed by what you read in print or hear on the TV. The most important thing to know is that he is doing a great job, but you probably are not even aware of some of the terrible projects he has already made better.
Take for example the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership. You probably never heard about it or if you did you didn’t know what it was. Obama signed it because it was organized by the U.N. which plans on making the U.S. part of the World Government Order. We would be turning over more of our Constitutional freedom to the U.N. by our not being able to make trade deals without the OK of the U.N.
It wouldn’t hurt to write to Trump and thank him for getting rid of the TPP deal. It wouldn’t hurt to suggest that he consider throwing the U.N. out of N.Y. and sending them to back to Europe.