LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time to stand up for president

Walkout. Yes, I am wondering how many problems have been solved by walking out of a class, a meeting or boycotting one by not showing up.
We have free speech yet we don’t stay in class or other meetings and let people know how we feel about an issue. Yes, I am talking about the students in California. They are not alone in their choice of walking out of class.
Now for our president, Donald Trump. I know he has not always been the favorite one of some people. I cannot say he has always been a favorite of mine. Neither is Charles Schumer, and I am sure there are lots of people without favorites. Donald Trump was not elected as a favorite son, he was elected because the people voted for him. He may be an all-time liar, but I am sure he is not the only liar in America or the world.
What breaks my heart is hearing so many people being so ready to find blame at every decision this man makes. Just wonder how many are out there that can do a better job of being president of this nation. I am appalled that the Democratic Party can have so many people crying foul over losing the election. I sure don’t recall any foul calling when Obama was elected both times. I was raised by loving parents and if we couldn’t say anything good about anyone we should not say anything. Just seems that this should be a legal law. I pray that every person that voted for Trump will go to bat for him. What we have going today is not a good thing for our America. Please pray.