LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rally will show animal support

A rally to support animal rights has been scheduled from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. April 13 at the Ector County Courthouse.
People from all areas of the community are talking about the recent poisoning of dogs in the Dr. Kevin Lynch case. Why did two dogs have to die a horribly painful death because two neighbors couldn’t get along? Who is thinking about the dogs? We represent these dogs and other animals who have no voice.
Dr. Lynch’s lawyer and powerful friends have, I suspect, lobbied on his behalf to get him some sort of “slap on the wrist” – behave for 10 years or so and you are “off the hook.” Though I do not want Dr. Lynch to go to jail, as some do, I think community service is in order.
The city has plans to build a no kill animal shelter. I think it would be appropriate for Dr. Lynch to show true compassion by “going on the road” while talking to groups of Odessa citizens and raising funds. This ridiculously stupid act could have cost him his license! Community service along with a nice donation to this cause would be a powerful way to show he is truly sorry.
Dr. Lynch, I come from a family of doctors, and this was a supremely stupid thing for you to do. You have to have better problem solving skills than this. Doctors are held to a higher standard as you are a leader in the community. This is not worthy of you.
We would also like the legal community to know we are serious about animal rights. We know that many of you are dog lovers. When handling these cases, please think how you would feel if it were your pet dying a slow, painful death, as in this case.
I do not represent any particular group. I am the voice of many. Let’s work together and make Odessa an example for what can be done for animals!
So join us on April 13 from 4-6:30 p.m. Bring photos of your animals (We will ask if well-behaved pets are allowed.). This is a celebration for all our pets and their rights.
See you at the rally.