LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People in D.C. should serve Americans

This is an open letter to all politicians who are trying to repair health care coverage. For one thing, I see nothing that says all people are to be supported from birth to death for anything. The only people that everyone wants to leave out are those of us on Medicare. I’m on Medicare and I pay $112 a month for my premiums.
I pay a monthly premium for my Part D drug plan and then I pay co-pay for my drugs. The last two years our cost of living went to pay for the raise in my Medicare premiums. I have no other coverage because I can’t afford it. And no, I don’t blow money. My budget won’t allow it. I’m not moaning and groaning because I’m very rich. I have a place to live, God and a fabulous family. Also, I’m a diabetic.
The only people that Obamacare helped was adults up to 26 that don’t know how to work. People with pre-existing conditions, illegals, single women having more and more children, that end up abused and put in overcrowded foster care, and criminals. Medicaid is the biggest thing that needs to be redone. Medicaid pays for taxi rides, specialists, over the counter drugs, and don’t pay a penny.
Kentucky and Florida have more Medicaid patients, along with Mississippi, South Texas and Louisiana are one generation to another living on entitlements. Everyone that wants health coverage should have responsibilities to get in.
Two years ago my son died, alone, and no health coverage. He lost his coverage from his job because of Obamacare. He was saving up to get coverage when he had a massive heart attack. He needed a valve replacement. He got no help from the government or the medical field. He was 54 years old and left two daughters behind. He is just one of many people Obamacare killed, while Medicaid patients were cared for.
I pray just once the people we put in D.C. serve Americans. I know if you really follow God, as you proclaim, you will take this serious. Democrats and Republicans all have families. Use your heads as one America.
People like Sarah Palin, Koch brothers, AARP, Ana and every other lobbyist needs to stay out of the discussion. Nancy Pelosi and the DEM majority leader need to be muzzled.
I pray just once, come together.