LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our borders do need to be defined

It is very interesting when you read about Nehemiah in the Bible. God chose an ordinary man named Nehemiah who was not a politician nor a priest to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in order to protect the citizens from enemy attack. This wall was rebuilt in order to rebuild the nation and to protect its citizens. Is this not what we are faced with today in America? Does not history always repeat itself?
Our Constitution clearly states that the United States government is given the power to protect the United States citizens. It is apparent that in order to keep a country and its citizens safe a wall must be built and the borders must be protected. Donald Trump is not a politician and he was chosen by we the people to build a wall to protect our borders. Trump is trying to protect our country as set forth in the Constitution because Obama dismantled our country in order to make it into something other than what it was meant to be. Obama said as much on TV that he was planning to transform the United States. The only problem with Obama is that he took the oath to protect the citizens and instead he has caused the citizens to be over run by gangs, cartels, sex offenders, murderers, etc.
Wake up America. Politicians have walls built around their homes and then they deny the rest of us to have a wall built along our country’s borders to protect the rest of us who can’t build walls around our homes. Let us vote these politicians out of office in 2020 and build our wall and protect our borders. Make America Great Again and keep America great by reelecting Donald Trump as President.