LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Naidu a great blessing to Odessa

I am writing in regards to the articles that have been in the paper on Dr. Jayaram Naidu. I was one of Dr. Naidu’s first patients when he came to Odessa. He had patient numbers and I was number 589. I think when we changed to hospital numbers we had gone to 60,000.
Dr. Naidu has treated four generations of my family and my husband. He treated my mother when she was visiting from Arkansas my daughter from Temple and my granddaughter from Temple. My granddaughter was almost in a diabetic coma. He diagnosed her with juvenile diabetes. The care he gave her was unbelievable.
She now lives in Kansas and is a teacher. She has had a diabetic pump for years. Dr. Naidu treated my husband for over 40 years until his death in 2001. I have had diabetes for 37 years now. I was in Temple on a lake when his office called and told me to come back to Odessa. I could write a book on all the experiences with Dr. Naidu. He sat on my bed in ICU many nights. He is truly one of God’s blessings. He loves the Lord and is one of the most lovable, caring doctors I have ever known.
I am also a patient of his son, Raja. He is my cardiologist. I waited for him to do my heart surgery and was his first patient. He has many of the same qualities of his father. We also loved his nurse, Candi, especially my husband. One Easter when my husband was very ill, Candi and her children spent all day with us. I appreciate all the care he has given my family.
I am so happy he is getting the honors he well deserves. I know a lot of the doctors he brought from India that I met through him. I could write a book on all the happy times and sad times I have had with him.
May the Lord bless him always in all ways.