LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Leaders must lead

Hello GOP leaders. For eight years we’ve needed all of Obama’s ideas and programs destroyed. The American people spoke and now you have the power to put in a Supreme Court Justice, get rid of Obamacare, change tax code, stop illegals from taking over America, stand up, and not let transgenders take over our men and women restrooms, most of all, for once stand as one voice. You’ll never have this chance again.
President Trump and his beautiful first lady are our leaders. All the miserable protestors need to go to Canada or somewhere you can be happy. The Democrats, not President Trump, are making America look disgusting. You all don’t even know what you’re protesting. You are just a bunch of lost individuals with no goal, aim or anything but your misery. I truly pity all of you.
Fellow GOP, for once omit John McCain, Lindsey Graham and some of the bitter losers. Do what you promised. As a Medicare recipient, I’m ready for someone else to pay their fair share.
May God guide you and you listen.