LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Elected officials should have decorum

I have always thought that school board members and elected city officials who serve our cities should display a certain decorum as they do their jobs. It appears to me that a healthy amount of good manners and fiduciary responsibility help further the goals of any entity. Certain standards and protocols should be the order of the day.
If you are an important councilman and are pulled over on the wrong side of the street by the police, then visit with the appropriate important police officer at the police department if you were wronged. If you were planning to visit the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to study the similarities between a Minnesota urban setting and a desert community such as Odessa, then it appears to me that a traveling councilman needs to check with the city manager, or the balance of the council, or the mayor, about the advisability of travel more than a thousand miles on the city’s nickel.
As the energy business starts to rebound in the Permian Basin, it will place many demands on our total community. There is little time for squabbles within these entities. Our professional people, our elected officials, need support, not headline grabbers in this newspaper.
Need change? Work within the system. Need to report inequities in our city government? Work within the system. The next 10 years are vital to the viability of a remote community with a single source economy. All of our futures depend on a smooth operating area, offering up great education choices, with plenty of fine schools and colleges. Good housing, good cost of living, good weather, a great place to work…….what else does a community need? It needs advisory boards working within the confines of what they were elected, or appointed to do, to drive us into 2025 in outstanding shape.