LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats are just plain wrong

Here’s a little fairy tale about a Democrat. There is a Democrat senator who is finishing out his second term, and has no plans to run again. He said he is going back home and go to work, he doesn’t believe in being a career politician. He has consistently supported the 2nd Amendment since he has been in the Senate. He supports Israel, and believes in God, not Allah. He feels that Muslims should be banned from the U.S. because their religion is completely antithetical to America. He is pro-life, and believes that marriage is a union between one man and one woman. He does not condone homosexuality, nor transgenderism. He is 100% against giving illegal aliens any benefits, and believes our borders should be completely closed against illegals. He supports the President, our flag, our military, our veterans, and the American way of life. If all politicians of both parties were like him, just imagine how good life in the U.S. would be! His name, you ask? I wish I could give it to you, but no such Democrat exists, nor has ever existed. Hey, I said it was fairy tale, didn’t I?