LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Christians are put to the test

I’m a Christian, law abiding, Constitution loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I’m very much an American. I always believed that there was dignity, respect and a desire to make America better when we have an election.
All of that has been being put to the test ever since the Democrats and 16 unwanted candidates lost their run for the President. GOP against the President, Libertarians against the President and Democrats paying to cause anarchy. This really is not what our next generation of leaders need to see.
The thing that finally showed how un-American most of our leaders are. One is Mr. Runes being defamed for wanting to get rid of the leaks and finally lay Russia to rest. The kicker, though, was finding out when we were trying to be given a new Health Care Bill, I find out a cult called Freedom Caucus runs our destiny.
The Koch brothers, Heritage Foundation and the Sclapp lead, PAC determines what we have to live with. I think it is time for the rest of America to stand up with God on our side and get our moral, strong country back. We’ve had enough young people die and are still dying to have an American we had. May God give you the strength to stand up and be counted.