LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Be proud of our country

I’m sitting here watching Fox, and Friends. They are broadcasting from a Military Ship. There are a group of young, brave, morale and patriotic. It made me so proud to be an American. Memorial Day ought to be a day of reflecting, and praying for America. We are going to be graduating 1600 more wonderful young people. I’m so very proud of all of them. May God bless you all.
The other news (?) stations, women are on the steps of the Supreme Court, yelling, cursing and lambasting they’ll have no control over their bodies anymore. People are finally fighting against abortions. These feminist, liberal man hating women want their cake and eat it also. They won’t do anything to not become pregnant, but they don’t mind committing murder. That is what abortion is. The only thing they get away with it. Even at nine months, they have the baby and don’t want it so they doctors will commit more murder. It is so disgusting and sickening that so many women are so selfish and cruel. Ms Milano has one good idea, stay away from your mates, partners and abstain 24/7.
The other thing that is an abomination to God is that homosexuals and their husbands can spew their love of religion and humiliate our vice president because he stands for good. I know what the Bible says about what we will face in the last days however it was hard to see and hear that we had become so hardened that we would have one running for our President. Woe to the ones that live this kind of life and try to make others want your evil.
Last but not least their Hawaii witch bringing in eighth grade girls and trying to indoctrinate them. She is the face of Satan. Trying to force us to share restrooms, showers, or dressing rooms with transgender. We even have to pay for their change over. They will still be the same gender they began with.
As we watch these young graduates, and young military heroes let us conservatives and Christians stand up and oppose what is swallowing us up. May God touch our hearts and souls.