LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Appraisals are a joke

Had my protest review today waited nearly two hours and watched how this process plays out. The people there were very nice and polite, but I do believe that this process is just a formality. I saw some values double and near triple with the new way they figure appraisals on income property. I understand why rent is so high here taxes are now based on earnings.
Also despite some homeowners having no updates and lack of maintenance. I didn’t see 1 person get less than the 10% max including me. They said Odessa had a 14-16% increase from last year and the NON-Bias board agreed with that and never budged.
I just wonder how long it will take to push out the elderly with fixed income. As a lifelong Odessan I can’t see how anyone who lives here will be able to retire here as most everyone’s out of pocket taxes and insurance has double the last 10 years.
Something must be done about the out of control taxes on property owners. I can only imagine what the taxes will be in the next 10 years with another ECISD bond looming and new courthouse and whatever else our failing infrastructure needs.