If I hear one more Republican say a wall on our Southern Border will work I’m going to throw a brick through my TV. It’s the same old lockstep zombie Republican talking point.
The Great Wall of China worked for centuries because it was manned and because it was so big that it could not be defeated by conventional means of the time. The Berlin Wall worked for 45 years because East German border guards lined it and were willing to shoot anyone trying to cross. As to the walls around a previous letter writer’s house and those of Schumer and Pelosi, at the ripe old age of 72 with bad knees I have no doubt that I could get over them if I wanted to.
25 billion dollars seems to be chump change any more. The shame is not that we won’t spend it but that the 4.4 trillion budget makes it small by comparison. Yeah, Obama gave the Iranians money back that was technically theirs, but he isn’t president. This country is controlled by a party that considers itself the party of financial responsibility but then cuts taxes and spends money like it was not theirs.
“No, the democrats don’t want a wall because they want open borders.” That’s a lie. Are there people on the way fringe left who want open borders? Of course. Just like on the way fringe right there are people who would like to defend the border against women and children with deadly force. Democrats want border security just like anyone else. You want fixed wing planes? Sure. Helicopters? Of course. Drones? Absolutely. Cameras? Yup. Sensors? Yes. More Border Patrol Agents to flood any zone where technology shows intrusion? That is what it is all about. But a stupid wall that someone will figure out how to defeat 10 minutes after it goes up? A wall that has miles patrolled by one Agent in a truck? No way, no how, what a stupid idea.
More Border Patrol might be a tough one since they are already down 2,000 positions and have a retention problem. Midland and Odessa area law enforcement agencies have scores of unfilled postions. They must be salivating over the idea of recruiting unhappy experienced Border Patrol Agents who aren’t being paid.
“ The liberals can’t win most elections with just the vote of the American electorate.” I do not dispute that Trump is the legally elected president. He won the Electoral College to reach that position. As to the American electorate, they wanted Clinton by 3 million votes. What kind of fool would believe one of Trump’s 7,000 lies about 5 million illegal voters with zero proof? And if you don’t think Dems can win elections, where were you during the midterms?
A wall? Nuts.