Hamilton Facebook threat reported to OPD

The Odessa American Monday filed a report with the Odessa Police Department following a posting that appeared on one of Malcolm Hamilton’s Facebook pages.
The posting, which the newspaper obtained from multiple sources, comes in the wake of reporting by the newspaper concerning a questionable trip the freshman city councilman took to Minneapolis in January. Taxpayers paid more than $2,100 for the 12-day trip that included just a single one hour and 15-minute meeting with a city official.
The post stated:
“Funny how the OA and its mutts try to skew the facts and misquotes people to push their own Agenda. FYI-I don’t do well being pushed. You push me, and you get push off a cliff! And as your falling off the cliff yelling and screaming looking up at the sky, Asking God why? I’m right behind you with my arm chocking your neck, saying Hell has froze over my man,and when we get there your ass better move your feet quick!!!!
The page on which the post was on a private Facebook page and according to one source who provided the posting to the OA it appeared to have been removed later.
OA Publisher Patrick Canty said the OA has no problem “standing up and taking criticism from anybody who takes issue with our work.
“But we won’t stand by when we see criticism that includes hints of physical aggression against us,” Canty said. “That has no place in a free and civil society. I find it highly disturbing that it comes from anybody especially an elected official who is supposed to serve his community. We are merely trying to do our job, which includes asking reasonable questions from public officials about how they are using taxpayer money.
“It’s about accountability.”