GOOD NEWS: Food Drive

Curves recently completed its 19th annual Food Drive March 25. New members who joined Curves had $0 enrollment fee when they donated $30 or 30 pounds of food. Members who gave received a pedometer or a Curves bag as a gift from Curves for their donation. The afternoon workout teams challenged the morning workout teams to see who could bring in the most food and/or cash. The West Texas Food Bank was presented with 663.5 pounds of food and $1,653.25, which will provide 7,213 meals. The afternoon teams brought in more food and money than the morning teams. For more information about Curves, call 552-8130 or stop by 1514 JBS Parkway, in the Old Shopping Center. Pictured are, seated: Shirley Moore, Patrice Smith and Cherie Dominey. At left in the back: Emilia Muniz, Priscilla Hison, Lucille Ellison, Tina Rice and Tammie Hammett. At right, in the back: Nancy Clark, Elizabeth Oualline, Rosie Simmons, Amy Hendrick, Faith Hotchkin and Craig Stoker.