Geo-fencing: Serving Ads to an Abundant Mobile Market

There aren’t many places you can go where you don’t see people buried in their cell phones. It has become the norm for us to keep in touch, report our daily routine and search for anything we can possibly think of on our mobile devices. This is why geo-fencing is one of the best ways to drive customers into your business. Geo-fencing allows businesses to target customers more accurately within a specific geographical area.
Many businesses are already using behavioral targeting; location simply adds another layer of understanding. You can actually customize shapes and sizes of specific locations you wish to target customers and serve them your ad while they are in any app while they are at the specified location as well as when they leave the location. Each detail is tailored for your business’ specific needs.
Geo-fencing is a reliable way to target mobile users while increasing your brand awareness by driving mobile performance. It’s all about location. You can have your fence around competitors, your business or even parking lots. Geo-fencing is a great way to gain leverage to your company and engage local shoppers with offers, coupons or sales. This will bring them in your door. With retargeting, you can customize offers, give them rewards and make each customer feel as though they are having a personal experience.
Your business can benefit from geo-fencing using data analysis to see whether your target offers actually bring people into your business. Smart phone usage is so prevalent, so you can serve ads that are based on the users’ recent or current locations. 50% of these consumers do actively respond to geo-based advertising because their phone is what they are looking at most during the day.
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