ECISD police start traffic task force

The Ector County Independent School District Police Department Traffic Taskforce this week will conduct a zero tolerance traffic enforcement assessment at campuses around the district.
Officers will focus on different schools on different days. Lt. Jeff Daniels said the task force will have 11 officers with five out at a time. If it is an area with multiple schools in similar locations, there will be more officers, Daniels said. He added that this will be an ongoing effort. Daniels said officers will be out during peak times in the morning and afternoon.
Daniels said there wasn’t a specific incident that prompted the task force. It was just the police department looking at its processes and how it can better serve the school district. Police will be looking for any violation that occurs within the school zones whether it is cell phones, speeding or crosswalks.
The goal is to get to every campus, Daniels said.