Congressman Pfluger speaks about busy first month in Washington

MIDLAND It’s been a whirlwind of a first month for U.S. Representative August Pfluger, R-San Angelo.
From the civil unrest in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago to dealing with the impeachment vote to bringing forth legislation to safeguard the oil and gas industry, the representative of Texas’ 11th district has had a busy couple of weeks on the job.
While he was officially sworn-in on Jan. 3, a ceremonial swearing-in took place for him on Thursday at the George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush U.S. Courthouse in the First Floor Courtroom in Midland, being sworn in by U.S. District Judge Walter Counts III.
He talked about his first month after the ceremony including his first legislation that was introduced earlier this month called the “Saving America’s Energy Future Act.”
“It’s a challenging time,” Pfluger said. “In these times, we need good leadership that can stand up for things that are important for this district and those things happen to be critical for our country. Our oil and gas industry energy security is our national security. Any attempt to kill that industry is an attempt to weaken our national security.
“We have a lot of need for affordable, reliable energy and the Permian Basin provides that. It’s the largest production area in the United States and in the world. This is important to our country.”
Earlier this week, Pfluger was appointed to serve as a member on both the House Committee on Homeland Security and the House Foreign Affairs Committee for the 117th Congress.
“That’s important for our border security,” Pfluger said. “It’s important to keep our eye on China and other adversaries around the world.”
Pfluger is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and served 20 years in the Air Force.
“I’ll bring a unique voice, having been in the military and understanding critical infrastructure,” Pfluger said. “Our oil and gas industry is critical infrastructure so we need to protect that and make sure that we’re doing everything we can to highlight that in a way that still allows us to provide energy throughout the country.”
The riots in Washington D.C. from Jan. 6 put the nation’s capital on lockdown. The chaotic event soon led to a second impeachment of former president Donald Trump.
Pfluger says the time for unity is crucial while condemning the actions from the first couple of days of the Biden administration.
“There’s no place for violence and we’ve continually condemned it,” Pfluger said. “I also called for unity. I went to the inauguration and heard the president in his address say that he’s going to unify the country. He’s done everything but that. He’s divided the country even more with 40 executive actions in the first week.
“We’re going to have to be the voice of reason, the conservative thought process to keep our conservative values at the forefront. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are under attack and it’s disappointing to see the actions that they are taking to that are seeking to destroy those ideals and those values.”
Pfluger, who voted against the impeachment of Trump, has decried the process.
“What a divisive way to lead this country,” Pfluger said. “I’m strongly opposed to it. There was no due process to the president. He had seven days left in office. Now, instead of moving the country forward and starting to heal, the democrats are seeking to divide with this move that’s not going to afford president Trump any due process.”
With the House of Representatives and now the Senate under Democratic control, Pfluger knows of the tasks at hand for him and other members of his party in congress.
“It’s going to be very challenging,” Pfluger said. “l40 executive actions in one week, a party that wants to silence the conservative thought process, big tech, that wants to censor on Twitter and Facebook and other media outlets, our challenges are we are here as people of faith that believe in the good of the country and raising our children with strong family values. This is an attack on us and we need to make sure that we’re standing up for that and I will be that voice.”
Pfluger was elected back in November, defeating democrat Jon Hogg and libertarian Wacey Cody.
He replaces Republican Mike Conaway, who served as a representative for 16 years.
“He was a tremendous leader and it’s an honor to follow him,” Pfluger said of Conaway. “And it’s a critical time in our country to stand up and be heard. I’m grateful for his leadership.”