Commissioners to consider property study, new attorney

The Ector County Commissioners Court will meet today to approve a study of county property aimed at reducing costs and improving facility operations.
Commissioners will also vote on whether to approve hiring a new lawyer for the County Attorney’s Office.


  • Consider approving the appointment of Richard ‘Buz’ Browning, Winston Kenworthy and Monnie Sparkman to the Ector County Airport Advisory Board.
  • Consider approving upgrades to the main hangar by Wildcatter Aviation.
  • Consider approving an additional premium to increase auto coverage from $75,000 to $90,000. Commissioners will also consider approving a contract with their insurance provider.
  • Consider authorizing the United States Army Command to conduct an unconventional warfare exercise in April.
  • Receive an update on building maintenance projects.
  • Consider approving a bid on the West 16th Street and Knox Avenue project and another bid relating to asphalt and seal coating.
  • Consider approving a change order relating to a roof project for the Ector County Law Enforcement Center.
  • Consider approving the 2017 Indigent Defense Formula Grant of about $127,491.
  • Consider approving a building maintenance plumbing project.
  • Consider approving an agreement with County Information Resources Agency for technology services.
  • Consider authorizing the Ector County Health Department to spend $600 on advertising related to an immunization grant.
  • Consider approving funds for an epidemiology program.
  • Consider approving Public Works Project Manager David Peck and other employees to have signatory authority on certain purchase orders and financial documents after another county employee retired.
  • Consider hiring an employee to assist with the transition from bi-weekly payroll.
  • Consider approving a budget amendment for a $6,668 donation to the Ector County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Consider approving a criminal justice grant.