City sales tax back up

The City of Odessa’s sales tax check from the state for June totaled more than $6.1 million, exceeding the city’s year-to-date projection by 64.39%.

A .25-cent economic development sales tax is included in the amount, meaning the city will receive $4,926,802.66 and the Odessa Development Corporation will receive $1,231,700.67.

Odessa collected 11.04% more in sales tax this month than the same month last year, and they have received $37,107,423.44 year-to-date, nearly $4 million more than they received last year at this time.

Midland didn’t pull in as much as Odessa this month, collecting nearly $5.9 million, 15.21% more than they received for the same month last year. Both cities have a 1.25% sales tax rate.

The payments are generated by sales tax revenue from two months prior to collection. In this case, June is based on April sales.

The Ector County Hospital District received a June sales tax check of nearly $4.2 million, 1.56% more than for the same month last year. The Ector County Assistance District also received its first sales tax check, collecting $1,745,648.69.