Chapman show on stage Feb. 2

He’s both the most-awarded Christian artist and a best-selling author and he will be on stage at the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center on Feb. 2.
Steven Curtis Chapman is on the SCC SOLO: Hits, History, and Influences. The popular solo tour is now in its fourth season.
“I’ve had such a great time on the SCC SOLO Tour, sharing stories and taking my friends on a musical journey in cities across the country,” Chapman said via his website. “Since I haven’t squeezed in all the places I want to visit, I’m excited to be coming back with more dates for SCC SOLO in 2019. I hope you’ll come join me for what is proving to be one of the most special tours I’ve ever experienced.”
This tour is three decades in the making and Chapman’s website details that it is for the whole family. Chapman, who has earned more awards than any single recording artist in Christian music history, has won Dove Awards 58 times and sold almost 11 million albums.
“Worship and Believe” is the latest studio album from Chapman with 11 studio tracks, and six live tracks recorded at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. Lyrically, Worship and Believe presents ten core truths from Scripture as “proclamations of Truth that we can declare together,” Chapman said via his website.
The album is his 23rd career album and serves as a musical worship companion to the BELIEVE curriculum, a 30-week church curriculum written by one of Oak Hills’ pastors, Senior Minister Randy Frazee.
Chapman is known for sharing his personal story both on tour and through his music.
He lost his youngest daughter Maria in an accident in 2008. He has said that what sustained him was proclaiming truth. “Really, out of desperation what came to my heart and my lips was, ‘Blessed be the name of the Lord. You give and take away.’ And I just kept saying it. I kept singing it and whispering it. I’d go where nobody could hear me, and I screamed it until I didn’t have a voice left, and every time I did, it was like I would feel something pull me back a little bit from that abyss, and I’d have a little more oxygen in my lungs to say it again. It was like the only clarity I had would come when I would say, ‘God, I’m going to bless Your name. You give and You take away. I’m going to trust You.’"
Some of Chapman’s No. 1 radio hits:

  • Love Take Me Over The Glorious Unfolding
  • Joy Christmas Time Again
  • Recreation Do Everything
  • This Moment Yours
  • All Things New
  • Much Of You
  • Believe Me Now
  • All About Love All About Love Moment Made For Worshipping
  • Declaration Live Out Loud God Is God Magnificent Obsession