BRASWELL: Can anything good come from criticism?

I have been a pastor at Cumberland Presbyterian Church now for 13 years. I learned through these years that one of our colleges, Cumberland College in Lebanon, Tenn., has the record for the worst football loss in history.
The story goes that Cumberland’s baseball team in 1916 had hired some professional ringers and beat Georgia Tech 22-0. The same year, they cancelled their football program, but Georgia Tech, angry about the baseball loss, would not let the school out of a contracted game unless they paid an enormous fine.
The coach got 16 players together and went to play. They lost (by coincidence ?) 222-0. No April Fool! The best individual effort of the team was a fullback run for a 6-yard loss. I’ve seen the field and tried to imagine what it must have been like as a lineman just to keep playing the game.
Have you ever been to a game where the other side forfeited? What a disappointing “win.” They could have tried, even with a little complaining or a hefty loss.
Can anything good be said about criticism and complaints? Can good come from making fun of an administration or a person or happening?
Yes, I think so. There is a difference between criticism and just being mean. It’s the symbol of life and concern to make fun and even criticize. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t. If we don’t criticize, we give up, and that’s worse than criticism.
I think I really respect those players who went on to lose 222-0 without giving up. When we quit, when we give up, that’s the great tragedy, that’s the end, that’s losing. Keep trying, keep talking, keep having an opinion, even if it’s criticism. Is there anything worse that losing? Yes, giving up! Keep fighting, keep debating till the end of time or at least, the game. Don’t give up.
Something can be said for losing. Play to win, but remember that losing is as important in the process as winning. Someone had to lose for the whole process to take place in the first place. That goes for games, elections or criticism.