Bowie Middle School Outstanding Students

Outstanding students at Bowie Middle School were honored recently. From left, Natalia Montoya, Gabrielle Thompson, Azari Byford, Karina Valdez, Paige Byford, Tatiana Villegas, Braunson Lowe, Daisy Nieto and Destiny Amaya. Karina had three year perfect attendance and is in National Junior Honor Society and AVID. Her favorite teachers are Jesus Muniz and Staci Walton. Tatiana also had three year perfect attendance. She is in cheer and orchestra and NJHS. Her favorite teachers are Jose Martinez, Walton and Muniz. Gabrielle won Bowie’s Best Award and is in cheerleading and orchestra. Her favorite teachers were Walton, Katherine Glasscock and Candace Morris. Azari won the principal’s award and is in football and athletics. His favorite teacher was Jimena Wofle. Destiny won the Charlotte Hill Educational Excellence Award. She is in office and Spanish II. Her favorite teacher is Sandra Valderaz. Daisy won the Krista Granath Excellence in English award. She is in tennis and orchestra and art club. Her favorite teachers are Walton, Morris and Kimberly Gideon. Paige won the Principal’s Award and is in volleyball, NJHS, basketball, soccer, track and in all AP classes and varsity choir. Her favorite teacher was Walton and Glasscock. Natalia had three-year perfect attendance and is in Spanish and AVID and NJHS. Her favorite teacher is Jesus Muniz.