SCHOLAR ATHLETES: McCamey’s Johnson has future figured out

Although Caden Johnson’s senior football season was slightly derailed by an injury, he still exemplified what it meant to be a good teammate.

He made sure to uphold that same standard off the field.

Johnson is set to graduate eighth in McCamey High School’s Class of 2021, closing out a career where he balanced coursework with football and track.

He collected many awards over his time at McCamey, including being named an all-district wide receiver and defensive end, along with an all-state academic selection.

McCamey head football coach Michael Woodard said Johnson is terrific at everything he involves himself in.

Woodard got to see Johnson in both athletic and classroom settings, teaching history during Johnson’s sophomore year.

“He works hard, he’s always on top of everything that he’s doing in the classroom,” Woodard said. “You hear nothing but positive things from his teachers and peers.”

Johnson was able to stay on top of a full practice schedule and course load because he put his mind to maintaining the best grades.

Woodard said there wasn’t anything Johnson would do where he didn’t give maximum effort.

The football coach has the highest expectations for Johnson and his future.

After his graduation, Johnson plans on attending Howard College in Big Spring.

He is planning on studying accounting, with hopes of one day becoming a certified public accountant.

Johnson first wanted to study something along the medical field route, but he changed his mind a couple of months ago when he realized how good he was with numbers.

His favorite subject throughout high school was math, with precalculus taking the top spot as his favorite discipline.

Johnson plans on attending Howard College for the first two years of his undergraduate studies, then transferring to Angelo State University to finish off his degree.

A combination of nervousness and excitement goes through his mind when he thinks about the transition that comes with moving away from McCamey.

“I don’t know how it’s going to be, I’m just ready to learn,” Johnson said. “Unlike most people, I like to learn.”

When Johnson starts his freshman year in the fall, he plans on taking a no-nonsense approach to his studies.

He knows he’ll have to give his classes maximum effort if he wants be successful, just like he did in his time at McCamey.

Although he wanted to continue playing sports at the next level, Johnson will put athletics to the side when he goes to Big Spring.

Before Johnson got injured during the 2020 football season, he was playing middle linebacker and tight end for the Badgers.

Woodard said Johnson set the tone for the season early after he had received player of the week honors, but the injury changed the outlook for the rest of the year.

The athlete made his mind up early on that he wouldn’t continue his time in sports after high school.

“It has probably sunk in to him; it’s a shame because he was one heck of a football player,” Woodard said.

Throughout Johnson’s time as a Badger, he wanted to make sure he taught others around him about not giving up.

He wanted to set a work ethic standard for everyone to follow.

“If you work hard, you’re going to get rewarded great things,” Johnson said.

That work ethic was evident since his first steps on campus as a high school freshman.

Woodard said Johnson set an example for other athletes when he started working hard to change his physique in the weight room.

“To this day everything he does, his hard work and great attitude, he has left that legacy,” Woodard said. “He has got kids following in his footsteps.”

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>> Academic Rank: 8 of 27

>> Sports: Football; Track

>> Academic bio:  National Honor Society; All-State Academic

>> Athletic bio: Football (2020 Week 2 Ford Built Tough Class 2A Player of the Week; 2019 All-District WR/DE)

>> Activities: Fitness; Weight training

>> College and major: Howard College (Accounting)

>> Goals for the future: To become a CPA

>> Favorite subject: Precal

>> Favorite book: The Hobbit

>> Favorite musician: Joey Jordison

>> Role model: David Goggins