MIDLAND All season long, Permian senior throwers Taylor Vuelvas and Calyha Brown have been among the best in the state.

They continued their dominance Thursday during the first day of competition at the District 2-6A Track and Field Championships at Memorial Stadium.

Vuelvas won the discus competition with a throw of 135 feet, 10 inches, with Brown finishing second with a toss of 130-11.

The dynamic duo will now advance on to the Region I-6A Area Championships in El Paso.

Vuelvas struggled on her first two attempts, but earned the victory with her third throw.

“I think I did good; I have never made it past district for discus,” Vuelvas said. “I’ve always fouled, this is my first year making it to area. I hope to make it back to regionals and state.

“I feel very relieved. I knew once I got that throw it was time to go. I hope to get another PR at area and move on up. I am so ready to compete. I want to become a state champion.”

Brown’s mindset is to always push forward and be better than herself. She is also extremely blessed to advance on to area for the fourth time. The only difference is this time she’ll bring her best friend, Vuelvas, along with her.

“I think wearing Mojo on my back and having it everywhere I go definitely affects us,” Brown said. “Our expectations are extremely high, and I think it just makes us push.

“We’ve always worked hard, and now it’s showing. My mindset is always (to) push forward. I’ve gone since I was a freshman. It’s no better feeling than having your teammate and your best friend right beside you. It’s a blessing.”

Brown and Vuelvas competed at the Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays last weekend in Austin. Being on that stage helped make them better prepared for the district meet.

“It’s tough when you’re coming in like Taylor as the number one thrower,” Permian head coach Hilberto Ochoa said. “They’re seniors. They perform the way we thought they would. Calyha, once again, she’s a competitor. Them going one (and) two; that’s big for them, it’s big for our team.”

HAYES ADVANCES TO AREA: Odessa High pole vaulter Dawson Hayes has been right on the cusp the entire season.

Hayes cleared a mark of 13-0 to take third place to advance to the area meet for the first time in his career.

“It felt great. I just wanted to come out here and at least try to get to area,” Hayes said. “I didn’t care how high I jumped. That was my goal today. I wanted to get to area, but I’m happy I got 13, too.

“It was a pretty good day. This is my first time at area. I’m really excited to get the experience and be able to jump with some of the best in the area, region.”

PERMIAN BOYS IMPROVING: For the Permian boys, this season has been one large roller coaster. They had to battle through countless injuries, but they’re now at the district meet.

Pablo Olivares highlighted the field events by taking first in the shot put with a personal best of 52-4, while Peyton Powell placed second in the high jump with a mark of 6-4.

O’Ryan Farley had a throw of 144-10 to take third in the discus.

Pablo’s older brother, Jesus, went on to compete at state where he took fifth in the shot put. The younger Olivares is hoping to follow in his brothers footsteps and continue the tradition of making the state meet.

“I thought we were gonna get two out of the high jump,” Permian head coach Kirk Thurman said. “Brother Miller got fifth place, and I thought he was gonna get a little higher than he did today.

“I’m very excited for Pablo. He’s taking after his brother Jesus. Hopefully, Pablo will follow his footsteps and place in the state meet. Each week he’s getting further and further. He PR’ed today with 52.”

Considering the circumstances of the season, Thurman is happy to see his squad out competing and excelling.

“This season was so radical. We had a lot of guys with hamstring pulls,” he said. “Our 4×1 … I think we changed it every which way you could change it.

“It’s been a crazy, crazy year, but it’s also been a fun year seeing these guys get on this stage and letting them go out and compete. We’ll hopefully do some good things tomorrow.”

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2-6A District Championships

Thursday, Memorial Stadium, Midland


Team Scores

1. Permian, 38; 2. Amarillo Tascosa, 31; 3. Midland Lee, 30; 4. San Angelo Central, 28; 5. Wolfforth Frenship; 26, 6. Midland High, 25; 7. Odessa High, 8.

Individual Results

(Top 4 advance to area championships)

Field Events

Discus: 1. Taylor Vuelvas, Permian, 135 feet, 10 inches; 2. Calyha Brown, Permian, 130-11; 3. Anaya Woods, Midland Lee, 130-10; 4. Ashlyn Fisher, Frenship, 125-5; 5. Paige Low, Midland Lee, 119-8; 6. Connie Dimba, Frenship, 111-4.

High jump: 1. Cassandra Awatt, Frenship, 5-4; 2. Yasmine Contreras, San Angelo Central, 5-0; 3. Ka’Lia Smith, Tascosa, 5-0; 4. Kei’aush Williams, Permian, 5-0; 5. Trashanda Cobbins, Tascosa, 5-0; 6. Gaby Jaquez, Odessa High, 5-0.

Shot put: 1. Paige Low, Lee, 40-1; 2. Calyha Brown, Permian, 38-8.5; 3. Hattie Green, Odessa High, 37-4; 4. Mia Black, Permian, 36-2; 5. Anaya Woods, Lee, 36-1.5; 6. Sydney Cortes, Frenship, 35-3.5

Triple jump: 1. Abby Boyd, Tascosa, 35-9.25; 2. Aliyah Marsh, Central, 35-5.75; 3. Ireland Atwood, Lee, 35-0.25; 4. Maya Belcher, Lee, 34-5; 5. Aubree Hagar-Sanders, Tascosa, 34-1; 6. Katrina Garcia, Odessa High, 33-4.25.

Pole vault: 1. Sarah Tackitt, Frenship, 12-0; 2. Sara Wheeless, Midland High, 9-0; 3. Yesi Davila, Tascosa, 9-0; 4. (tie) Saylor Abbott, Tascosa, 9-0; Jazmin Diaz, Central, 9-0; 6. Serena Gonzalez, Midland, 8-0

Running Events

3,200: 1. Jenia Mitchell, Midland High, 12 minutes, 30.31 seconds; 2. Daniela Munoza, Central, 12:41.85; 3. Shelby Schmidt, Midland High, 12:44.20; 4. Brianna Harris, Permian, 12:47.87; 5. Jude Bellar, Tascosa, 12:55.76; 6. Haley Bell, Central, 13:14.70



Team Scores

1. Amarillo Tascosa, 52; 2. Permian 41; 3. Wolfforth Frenship, 27; 4. San Angelo Central, 24; 5. Midland Lee, 21; 6. Midland High, 13; 7. Odessa High, 8

Individual Results

Field Events

Discus: 1. Braden Robinson, Frenship, 163 feet, 4 inches; 2. Jacobi Lott, Tascosa, 151-1; 3. O’Ryan Farley, Permian, 144-10; 4. Matt Stansell, Lee, 139-2; 5. Nacho Rubio, Lee, 138-3; 6. Alexander Mincey, Tascosa, 136-8.

High jump: 1. Duriel Taylor, Central, 6-6; 2. Peyton Powell, Permian, 6-4; 3. Darius Holman, Midland High, 6-2; 4. Chaunce Askew, Tascosa, 6-2; 5. Javorian Miller, Permian, 6-0; 6. Landon Parrott, Frenship, 6-0

Long jump: 1. Rakeeb Adeyemi, Permian, 21-.05; 2. Landon Parrott, Frenship, 20-11.5; 3. Sam Palmer, Midland High, 20-11; 4. Kamron Mason, Tascosa, 20-8.75; 5. JC Ramirez, Odessa High, 20-6.5; 6. Jaydyn King, Lee, 20-5.25

Shot put: 1. Pablo Olivares, Permian, 52-4; 2. Braden Robinson, Frenship, 50-11.75; 3. Zabrian King, Tascosa, 48-9; 4. Ian Ordorica, Lee, 47-9.25; 5. Alejandro Ruiz, Tascosa, 47-6.75; 6. Trejen Lawerence
, Tascosa, 47-4

Pole vault: 1. Rory Maguire, Lee, 14-0; 2. Brandon Sobotka, Central, 13-0; 3. Dawson Hayes, Odessa High, 13-0; 4. Davis Lemert, Tascosa, 12-6; 5. Kevin Hua, Tascosa, 12-0; 6. Wyatt Stiles, Permian, 12-0.

Running Events

3,200: 1. Wesley McPhail, Tascosa, 9 minutes, 40.31 seconds; 2. Keynan Abdi, Tascosa, 10:00.41; 3. Tyler Millford, Central, 10:10.08; 4. Josh Garcia, Permian, 10:16.27; 5. Joseph Clarke, Tascosa, 10:36.47; 6. Lorenzo Mendez, Midland High, 10:43.71.