GOLF: Roman, Seybert relish rare playing opportunities

Permian girls golf coach Rodney Roman and Odessa High boys golf coach Albert Seybert both enjoy coaching the sport.
None thing that is absent for them during the school year is the lack of actually playing it.
During the summer months, however, they make up for lost time, getting out on the course any time they can.
The two golf coaches unpacked their clubs for the 56th Quarter Century Partnership, which began on Thursday and will continue through Saturday at the Odessa Country Club Links Course and Old Course.
“It actually feels good to be out here,” Roman said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve played three full rounds and this was probably the most golf I’ve played since the school year ended.
“It feels good. It’s pretty privileged to be able to play in this tournament. You get to meet a lot of new people and it gives me some relief.”
The school year doesn’t allow much time to play. They might be out on the course many times but that’s mainly to coach.
“I bet I only play twice during the school year,” Seybert said. “Summers are when I always get to play. Everyone always asks if I play a lot since we’re out with the kids and the answer is no.
“We’re with them making sure that they have the instruction that they need to do well. The summers are when I get to play.”
For Roman, the Quarter Century Partnership was the third time in the last week that he’s been able to play, a stark contrast to during the school year.
“I played this past Sunday and yesterday,” Roman said. “But during the school year, it’s pretty minimum. If I can play during the school year, it’s during spring break and any break that I get but I usually don’t have time.”
Just like Roman, Seybert relishes the chances during the summer when he gets on the course to play.
“This is one of the few times of the year where I can play in a tournament,” Seybert said. “This is the one that I play in every year. I’ve played here for the last 12 years.
“It’s fun to come out and relax at the end of the school year. That’s what these next three days are for me, just relax and enjoy it.”
As far as his game goes, Roman knows he still has to catch up.
“I’ve been out four times since the school year ended and it showed today,” said Roman, who is partnered with Augustine Moralez. “I haven’t played much.”
Despite the struggles, he won’t complain about getting out and playing with other people.
“It was a good day,” Roman said. “It feels really good. We were able to just enjoy the day out and seeing people that I know but don’t normally talk to.”
It’s the third consecutive year that Roman has participated in the Quarter Century Partnership.
“We’ve been fortunate,” Roman said. “We’ve had some success out here. We just have a good time. That’s the most important part. We always have fun playing out here.”
This week’s tournament was the third time that Seybert, who teamed up with Steven Brooks this week, has played since the school year ended.
“There’s a lot of tradition in this tournament and a lot of big names in this tournament,” Seybert said. “We’ve come close to winning this tournament at times and hopefully, this year, we’ll get in the winners’ circle.”
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