GOLF: Baeza family takes home Parent-Child Golf Tournament title

Ciro Baeza and son Ciro Baeza Jr. knew that they both had to make up some early ground during the final round of the Parent-Child Golf Tournament Sunday at Ratliff Ranch Golf Links. The father-son team did just that with an early start and combined that with some timely shots on the final nine holes.

Add it all up and it was good enough for the Baezas to shoot a 9-under-par 63 to win the championship flight of the 12th edition of the tournament.

It is the second time that the Baezas have won the competition after previously winning back in 2016.

“I just stayed within my swing,” Baeza Jr. said. “I also just enjoyed playing golf with my dad today.”

Luke Groves and Kacy Groves played in the morning flight and shot a tournament-best 62 to follow an opening 67 to place second, just one shot back.

The defending champions and 2021 first-round leaders Adrian and Sebastian Cruz finished third (63-67—130).

“My son was playing well early and he picked me up on some holes that I wasn’t playing well,” Baeza said. “He had a lot of good shots and made some birdies to keep me in it.”

It was the elder Baeza who provided a boost, however, on the second hole when he chipped in for eagle. Sebastian Cruz also made eagle on the Par 5 and it turned into an evenly matched battle.

“It was really big because he chipped in for eagle to put us in a really good position,” Baeza Jr. said. “After Sebastian made eagle as well, it was just all about getting it started.”

The hot start quickly turned into an opening 30 on the front nine and included a two-shot swing on the 5th hole when the Baezas made birdie while Adrian and Sebastian Cruz combined to make bogey.

It didn’t quite work out to start but they were able to scramble for par on the Par 3 12th hole before recording a birdie on 13.

Baeza made birdie on the Par 3 16th after narrowly missing a birdie putt on the previous hole.

“The birdie on 16 gave us a little bit of breathing room but we told each other that we still have to go execute and hit good shots,” Baeza said.

After making a par on 17, the final birdie came on the finishing hole when Baeza nearly chipped in from just off the front edge of the 18th green.

As it turns out, it was exactly what was needed to win the title.

“I was pretty comfortable going into the hole that we had a win but I didn’t know it had to be a birdie,” Baeza said. “I put it to within three inches and made the putt so that was good.”

The Baezas got to celebrate winning a tournament together and both reflected on what it meant to them.

“It just feels good,” Baeza Jr. said. “It’s just another day of playing golf with my dad and you’re having fun.”

Baeza added: “I think it means for me since I’m getting older and he’s getting stronger, he’s helping me more than he was when he was little. It’s good to get a win with him.”

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Parent-Child Golf Tournament

Saturday/Sunday,Ratliff Ranch Golf Links

x-won scorecard playoff

Championship Flight

  1. Ciro Baeza-Ciro Baeza Jr., 65-63—128; 2. Luke Groves-Kacy Groves, 67-62—129; 3. Adrian Cruz-Sebastian Cruz 63-67—130; 4. Brad Robinson-Zach Robinson 66-68—134; 5. (tie) Carl Murdock, 68-67—135; and Nita Groves-Kacy Groves, 70-65—135; 7. Kacy Groves-Harper Groves, 70-66—136; 8. (tie) Luke Groves, 68-69—137; and Vince Vines-Jackson Vines, 66-71—137; 10. Eric Rodriguez-EJ Rodriguez, 67-75—142; 11. Salvador Armenta-Natalia Armenta, 70-75—145.

First Flight

  1. Tommy McCrury-Avery McCrury, 72-67—139; 2. (tie) Cliff Sauer-Evan Sauer, 72-68—140; and Josh Hogan-Easton Hogan, 73-67—140; 4. Gilbert Lujan-Gilbert Lujan Jr., 71-70—141; 5. Scotty Pence-Hunter Pence, 71-72—143; 6. Brian Cruz-Jordyn Cruz, 71-73—144; 7. Keith Livingston-Sloane Livingston, 72-75—147; 8. Jeremy Dominguez-Jocelyn Dominguez, 75-73—148; 9. Keith Early-Brian Homstad, 73-77—150; 10. Claude Lee-Chuck Lee, 74-76—150; 11. David Sauceda-Emma Sauceda, 74-77—151; 12. Gary Wilson-Bridger Wilson, 75-76—151.

Second Flight

  1. x-Cade Smith-Gehrig Smith, 76-74—150; 2. Jorge Segura-Stephon Segura, 77-73—150; 3. Ry Weaver-Madisyn Weaver, 76-75—151; (tie) Scott Murdock-Tony Davis, 76-75—151; 5. (tie) Robert Marin-Ethan Sefuentes, 76-76—152; Scott Murdock-Robert Murdock, 77-75—152; and Mike Stewart-Justin Stewart, 77-75—152; 8. Danny Herrera-Jade Herrera,, 76-77—153; 9. Ivan Meraz-Ivan Meraz Jr., 77-77—154; 10. Craig Lucas-Andy Lucas, 77-78—155; 11. Brandon Darnold-Emme Darnold, 77-80—157.

Third Flight

  1. Jonathan Gotsche-Madden Gotsche, 79-74—153; 2. (tie) James Munn-Cadence Munn, 80-75—155; and Pat Harris-Allen Harris, 78-77—155; 4. Sam Fowler-Jeremy Fowler, 78-78—156; 5. (tie) Josh Casillas-Isaac Casillas, 78-80—158; and Brandon Darnold-David Darnold, 79-79—158; 7. Chuck Lee-Dylan Lee, 79-81—160; 8. (tie) Timothy Ericson-Benjamin Ericson, 79-82—161; and Roy Geer-Mayer Geer, 79-82—161; 10. (tie) Manuel Hernandez-Adrianna Hernandez, 80-82—162; Mike Claburn-Ella Claburn, 79-83—162; and Paul Anderson-Diego Aspeitia, 79-83—162; 13. Nathaniel Sanchez-Emily Gonzales, 80-83—163; Gus Ortega-Meghan Ortega, 78-NS—NS.

Fourth Flight

  1. Donna Wallace-Jacob Crumpton, 82-76—158; 2. (tie) Danny Herrera-Cy Herrera, 81-78—159; and Andy Cardoza-Chris Cardoza, 81-78—159; 4. Nita Groves-Kody Groves, 81-82—163; 5. (tie) Mike Bostick-Colby Kerr, 83-81—164; and LeeRoy Rivera-Reese Rivera, 83-81—164; 7. Gary Smith-Skylar Smith, 82-83—165; 8. Frank Ordunez-Johnathan Ordunez, 82-85—167; 9. Caled Rushing-Cailynn Rushing, 86-82—168; 10. Danny Vanderburg-Nathan Vanderburg, 85-85—170; 11. Darren Sharp-Russell Sharp, 82-89—171; 12. Jesse Hernandez-Mark Hernandez, 86-93—179; NS. Luis Arzaga-Liliana Arzaga, 85-NS—NS.

Fifth Flight

  1. Chuck Blumenauer-Caden Blumenauer, 87-83—170; 2. (tie) Noel Hinojos-Ernesto Hinojos, 89-83—172; and Andres Hinojos-Luke Hinojos, 91-81—172; 4. Kellye Johnson-Cade Johnson, 88-85—173; 5. Donnie Jones-Tyler Brasher, 94-82—176; 6. Henry Enriquez-Trey Enriquez, 91-87—178; 7. Nathan Barela-Nathan Barela, 88-91—179; 8. Justin Stewart-Brae-lee Stewart, 89-93—182; 9. Art Chandler-Andrew Chandler, 97-91—188; 10. Jody Rivas-Jordan Rivas, 97-93—190; 11. Armand Pointer-Tenesia Melendez, 96-97—193.