Villatoro: Last-minute shopping

Do you feel like every year it’s the same thing about shopping at the last minute?
It’s funny, though, because we try to plan things in life, but suddenly you remember that you forgot somebody. Then you smile and say to yourself — how could I forget him, or forget her, or forget them?
Why is it that we buy presents? Is it just a tradition, or is it a sincere desire to show our love? Obviously everyone has his own reasons. I come from a place that was surrounded by poverty. My parents didn’t have anything when they started their lives, and I know that you have your own story.
Perhaps that’s the story of your grandparents, or your parents, or even your own story.
You have seen movies or know true stories about people that were poor one day, but one day they arrived to a position, so blessed by God, that they could share a lot of great things with people.
When you watch a movie of this kind, you cry, daydream, and smile all the way through because you understand those feelings. It is real! God can bless people because He is wonderful to everyone who comes to Him asking Him for forgiveness, a new opportunity, wisdom and miracles, because there is nothing impossible for our Lord.
That is the faith that pleases God. The faith that moves mountains. Are you just a spectator of God’s provision and miracles for the rest of the people? Are you bitter because you don’t have many things in life? Are you frustrated this Christmas, again?
I know that I felt that way more than one year, and every time I knew that it was totally my fault. I cried in a corner, wrapped in misery, but sadness does not move God.
Faith is what moves God’s hands, faith!
The Lord showed me that it is by believing in His Word that I can change my stars, by believing in what He told His prophets to write in the Holy Book, what we call The Bible.
Reading and believing those words was the only way that I could get out of the pit, and I did. He did awesome things for me! I cannot stop thanking God, my Lord, every day of my life, for all the blessings I possess spiritually, physically, familiarly with my friends, with my work and the rest of the things, because I know that He is the source of all my blessings.
I might remember on Dec. 24 around 5 p.m. that I forgot to buy something for somebody, and I know that I will smile and I will call this person and say —well, I am laughing, I’m sorry I forgot to get you something this year … who knows maybe that person is you.