Reviewing the monuments at the Calvary Cross he put in place about six years ago, Odessa businessman John Bushman relayed the story of Jesus to about 50 elementary students and parents.

Third through fifth-graders from five different public school campuses attended. They come out every Christmas and Easter.

They are all part of Bushman’s People Pride Program, where students from schools around Odessa are tutored in reading, writing and arithmetic for hours every school day, including during the summer. The People Pride vans pick them up and bring them home.

On Wednesday afternoon, Bushman told the students about the Word of God and his presentation to humankind of the greatest gift of all time, Jesus, and His life, His death on the cross and His resurrection that allow salvation.

The students listened to some Bible lessons, learned about the meaning of the Bible verses on the monuments and the stories behind them and received Easter eggs.

“(God’s) son came lived on the Earth like all of us. His son died a horrendous, horrendous, savage death for all of us. And as promised by God from the beginning of time that He would be here for our eternal life. … This to me is all about is just trying to explain in a simple way, because I’m a simple guy, what took place rather than reading the King James Version (of the Bible) or something,” Bushman said.

Bushman added that he hoped he did his part to convey what God would say.

“I prayed for that to happen,” Bushman said. “… I can tell you He was behind every word that I said, in spirit.”

Bushman said he wishes everyone love, hope and peace at Easter, regardless of faith.

Sherry Valencia, a teacher at Murry Fly Elementary School, said the event was great.

“We had a lot of people out there. Every seemed to be enjoying it. It was nice weather. It was a wonderful time for the kids and parents to get together with Mr. Bushman and celebrate an event like Easter,” Valencia said.