NUGGETS: Is Another Move of God on the Way?

As time goes by we realize that history repeats itself. There is always a little different slant each time, yet the same in general. A long, long time ago, a new king arose over Egypt, who feared the people of God. He put pressure on them and gave an order for the midwives to kill their babies. A man named Moses was born during that time. God had a plan for Moses to lead His people out of Egypt, out of the bondage and slavery, into the promise land. He was to be their Savior. There was a great move of God.

Then we see in history the time when Jesus was born. Pharaoh feared, because he had heard about a child that would be born and become King. He would be the Savior of the world. Because of Pharaoh’s fear, once again babies were to be killed. Yet God had a plan to set His people free, to send them a Savior. Just as Moses had been the savior for the people of God. Jesus was to walk in a way that people could follow Him out of Darkness into Light. Not just for the people of Israel but this time for the whole world. Anyone who would believe and receive what Jesus did on the cross, the grave and the resurrection, could be set free from bad to good, from darkness to light, from the bondage and slavery into life and Life everlasting. “He that the Son sets free is free indeed” [ John 8:36]. When Pharaoh had the babies killed he had no idea what kind of King he was faced with, as powerful as Pharaoh was, his power was nothing compared to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Now in this day we are seeing babies killed by the millions. Babies who were to be our future scientist, inventors, congressmen, pastors, nurses, school teachers and maybe the very person who God had preordained to find the cure for Aids. There is a under laying spirit that fears God and the true men of God. Just as fear always does, that spirit tries to stamp out what it is afraid of.

Babies were killed just before Moses was born, who was a type of Christ, preordained to lead the people of God out of Egypt, a type of the bondage of this world. Then babies were killed just before Jesus was born, who is the Christ, who came to lead people out of the bondage of this world. Now that such a magnitude of babies are being killed, it could be that it is drawing close to the time our Savior is about to return and receive His people unto Himself.

This is a fearful time for those who do not Know Jesus as their personal savior. The word “Know”, is more than just knowing that He exist. Knowing Him, is having a personal relationship with Him. He said My sheep hear my voice. “He that says that he knows Him and does not keep His commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him”[1 John 2:4]. “One that says he abides in Jesus ought also to walk even as He walked”[1 John2:6]. Jesus never changes.

If you don’t know Him, accept Him today and let Him lead you out of the bondage of this world into the light of His Life. “Another Move of God is on The Way” Be in on it!