VILLATORO: Let the Lord lead you

By Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro

Founding Pastor, Victory Church Odessa

Gian, tell me: Why do I feel insecure about myself? Ellen B.

Dear Ellen: Everyone feels insecure about himself once in a while. Don’t you think that everybody is just fine, except you. Not even those whom you observe in the public arena, like TV, or social media. But you don’t want to talk about others, you want to talk about you, correct? So, what exactly is your problem? Do you feel inadequate in general? Do you feel less than the rest? Or do you simply feel insecure about who you are?

Your identity must come from the Lord God. Once you open your heart to embrace the Love of Jesus, and you experience the forgiveness from Heaven, you immediately will receive your new “ID.” Which is? You become a true child of God, which means the Lord God becomes your Father. With your new “ID,” you will discover all the attributes, gifts, talents, inheritance and responsibilities you now have as a child of the Living God.

The most important one is the you are not alone in this world. Ever. You must realize that the Spirit of the Lord lives inside of you now, and He will never leave you. The Lord becomes your constant companion, and He wants to be your guide, your leader, the One who handles the dashboard of your super advanced vehicle called “Human Life.”

It takes time for a person to understand how the Holy Spirit leads you. He will whisper sometimes, other times He simply closes the door in front of you. On other occasions, He will move you to do something. Sometimes, He just makes you feel like you cannot go some places. All that, and many other ways, are the ways the Lord God will lead you and show you on your dashboard, about your next steps.

Once you get familiar with the new O.S. that runs in your dashboard, you will become someone who drives smoothly on the roads of life. Knowing when to turn, when to stop, when to charge your batteries, and when to speed up to pass someone else, the Holy Spirit is able to make you feel so comfortable with yourself and your future, that you will never again feel insecure.

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