Villatoro: Desire for God

By Pastor Gian Carlo Villatoro, Founding Pastor, Victory Church Odessa

You can say that you have a desire for God when you think about God all the time.

When He is your first thought in the morning, and He is your last thought in the night. When you think about Him all day long, and when you know that the things in the world are not as important as He is.

It doesn’t matter how people conceive God, even in your same church, or even in your same house. What really matters is how you conceive God, and your relationship with Him.

He is the one speaking to your heart, He is the one telling you what to do, if He is the source of your strength, He is the one who leads your steps. When that happens, He is your Lord, and also your best friend.

You have a desire for God when you want to experience Him with your five senses, because first you will be grateful that you can see, and then through your eyes you will see everything.

How marvelous God is, the wonders of God, the mercy of God, the creation of God, and the provision of God. You will appreciate the fact that you can see, and you will also appreciate the fact that you can taste and smell.

You experience God in flavors and in aromas because you know that He is the creator of all that. You are experiencing God in everything because you desire more and more of Him.

You will experience God even with your touch, because when you are praying, you can feel His presence around you.

You know when He is there with you powerfully; you enjoy his soft touch; it is something indescribable, and it is absolutely personal, something between you and Him.

Then, when you are experiencing God in that way, you know that all that is happening because you desired more of Him. But it is going to be your ear, the last area, and most important area of your life in reference to God, because you will be able to hear His voice.

You will be able to understand what He wants you to do. Sometimes even without hearing a whisper, you just know it. It is that ability to understand His thoughts, and all that is possible, because you desire God in your life.

Desiring God is obvious when you think of Him day and night, every single day and every single night. You just can’t stop thinking of Him and things about Him.

It is the result of the deepest desire of your heart. It is in your heart where everything begins, the desire of more of His holiness, more of His presence, and it is because He became your number one, above everybody else and everything else, the number one in your heart.

When you experience God with your five senses, when you think about God all the time, when you want more and more of Him, that is when you can say — I desire God.