VILLATORO: Able to learn

By Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro

Founding Pastor, Victory Church Odessa

I have met hundreds of people throughout my life. I have learned to accept everyone as everyone is. I have learned to love everybody, regardless of everything. We are humans; we are all individuals with good things and bad things.

However, today I want to tell you that there are individuals that will always overcome things in life. Who are those? Those who are willing to accept correction. Sadly, the majority of individuals are not willing to do that. They even can have a degree from a college or university. They can be very smart and knowledgeable about things, but that doesn’t make them able to learn. They have acquired information. That’s all.

In fact, I found a lot people very good at what they do, but not all of them are willing to learn.

What is the difference between those who are always willing to learn and those who do not learn? It is the willingness to be corrected.

I have found that individuals with less education than mine, or younger than me, or less privileged than me, can correct me. And they do.

The question is, “Am I able to receive the correction? Am I really willing to listen to someone who is trying to tell me that I said something wrong, or did something wrong?”

My number one rule is to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. This does not mean that I do everything right. What I am saying is that if this is my number one rule, I have great opportunities to correct what I do, or correct what I said. I can change. I can learn.

It is so interesting how the good Lord God Almighty will use anybody to show us that we are wrong one way or another. Are you willing to be corrected by anybody if you said something wrong, or you did something wrong?

All of us want to be successful, to receive applause from others, or simply get the “okay” from somebody, when is about what we say or do. All of us are the same in that matter. How interesting it is, whether or not we are willing to be humble to at least analyze what someone says about what we do, or about what we say that humility will determine our outcome.

It’s not about what we say or we do, it’s about who we really are.

If you want to please the Good Lord, listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and be willing to consider what others are telling you about the way that you talk, or the way that you treat them, or the way that you behave.

When we are willing to change, is when we can say, “I am able to learn.”