BRASWELL: Important words

By Dr. Jimmy Braswell

Chaplain, Home Hospice of Odessa

I have recently recovered from COVID-19.

I have two important words for us all. One: an enormous “Thank You” to MCH and the staff of the hospital for the wonderful care and efforts made to help me. I recovered and am grateful for the doctors, nurses, and all the staff for their care. It made all the difference.

The second word is an encouragement to those who have not had the shots. Please get them and wear masks. We are at war with this pandemic.

In war, soldiers use what tools the government gives them. I have never heard of a soldier refusing to use his weapon, or even his canteen because the government helped create them. What kind of an officer, or noncom tells his troops not to trust their rifle, or to believe their hand grenades have been sabotaged to hurt them.

Those who abandon their weapons during battle, or refuse to help fight the enemy and run away are labeled as deserters and traitors during war time.

Heroes help fight the war and utilize whatever tools are at their disposal. The battle cry is “charge” — use the tools.

During WW II, the message from noncoms to soldiers new to battle and just learning to use their weapons was “keep moving forward” — today that would be “wear masks and get shots!”

The greatest commandment is, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:30