There is a button on computers, televisions, electronic devices and even on some cars. It is a reset button. The “Reset” doesn’t eliminate problems, but it does give a fresh start and sometimes that’s all the device needs. We are the same way, now and then after a traumatic event, a world-shattering experience, or disappointment; we need a “reset.” The reset is a fresh breath, a concerted effort and attitude of beginning again.

After two long years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, everything and everybody has had trouble. The world has been unsettled and disrupted. We need to begin again to have a “reset.” It is as much an act of will as a government influx of cash.

God allows such events and experiences to call us back to look vertically to God and stop concentrating on what is horizontally in front of us. In Mark 6, the Bible records the experience of the disciples sailing out on the sea only to face a storm. They were frightened and felt helpless in the throes of the storm. Jesus was on the shore and could have calmed the storm from there, but chose to come to them walking on the water to turn their hearts to vertically trust God and for Him to deliver them.

It is hard to get our eyes off of the troubles and the storms of life, but they only exist to call us to look to Him for a “reset” and a new way of seeing things. July 4th is a celebration of a “reset” of our nation being born. Let this year’s celebration be a “reset” for a new day in our world.