Braswell: The Butterfly Promise

Today Home Hospice will host a butterfly release at the Globe of the Great Southwest Theatre. The purpose of the event is to do a “prophetic act” in the memory of our loved ones who have died. A “prophetic act” is a physical action to express a spiritual truth.
The releasing of the butterflies is to express physically the spiritual belief of life after death – eternal life – a quality of forever living. Those releasing the butterflies symbolically “release” the hold we have on our loved one – not the memories – those are eternal – but the hold of unfinished business, unforgiveness and unacceptance of the death. Just as the butterfly emerges from the cocoon into beautiful color and the miracle of flight – our hearts emerge from the darkness of denial, unforgiveness, and burden to freedom and flight into whatever the future hold for us.
We can always speculate about what the resurrected life will be one day. However, the reality is that we really don’t know fully all the beauty, goodness, meaning, and life, resurrected life will involve. Today we can only release our hopes in the form of a butterfly to do and become whatever our hope and trust in the future will bring and become, to walk daily living boldly and confidently until the “Even so come Lord Jesus” hope and wish of St. John becomes reality. . . a promise fulfilled out of the book of Revelation.