Braswell: COVID craziness

In the stories of the Old West is a documented account of many occurrences of a phenomenon on the stagecoaches traveling west; a condition called Stagecoach Craziness.

Because of the long hours, exposure to the weather and elements, poor diet often solely of salt pork, there were many reports of passengers simply getting out of the stagecoach and wandering senselessly off into the desert to die of exposure. It was called Stagecoach Craziness.

There seems to be a similar condition that has come on many people after long days, months, and into years now of isolation, pandemic condition, viewing the computer and television screens for long periods of time and different diets.

People seem to be driving crazy and perceptions seem to be off. There is less patience, and a sense of hurriedness in trying to get back to “normal.” Many more car accidents, personal injuries, impatience, intolerance and meanness.

We need to step back during this Easter season, take a deep breath, and in humility and civility do our best to move on into a new and different day, which is what the Resurrection promises. Things have changed — but we can adapt and be civil about it. We can cope with the COVID Craziness. Let’s pray God’s help as we adjust to but one more change in this life as we travel together on this stagecoach to eternity.