SCRAPBOOK: March 25, 2018


The Odessa Music Study Club, part of the National and Texas Federation of Music Clubs, met March 19 at the home of Laverne Love. Phyllis Anderson led members in the Federation Collect, the Federation Hymn and the song of the month, “Old Dog Tray.” In honor of Crusade for Strings Month, the club sang “Allá en el Rancho Grande,” “Guantanamera,” “La Bamba” and “La Cucaracha,” accompanied by Maria Mutis on violin and Love on piano. Great Latino food was enjoyed by all.


The Permian Basin Chapter 2589 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy met March 17 on Saint Patrick’s Day. President Eleanor Edmondson called the meeting to order and led the ritual. Secretary Ann Ellison read the Robert E. Lee prayer and the minutes from the last meeting. Toni Miles gave the treasurer’s report, Lisa Uhlhorn led the pledges to the flags and members read the American’s Creed.

Helen Slusher presented a slate of new officers for 2018-2020 and the roster was accepted by acclamation. Edmondson presented a new list of Randolph Relief Fund ladies. One lady was a real daughter and six other ladies were real granddaughters of Confederate soldiers. Ellison requested the list so she could mail these ladies birthday and Christmas cards.

The chapter was asked to contribute to the State Conference and Edmondson reported that Miles sent a check for $100 for goody bags for the event. The SCV did not have an open date for the Odessa Cemetery ceremony in April this year for Confederate Memorial Day. The chapter will have a special meeting to celebrate the event.

Miles presented a program on Irish Confederates. The most decorated officer of the War Between the States was General Patrick Cleburne, who was born in Ireland. Cleburne had served in the British Army before he came to the United States. Even though he was against slavery, he believed in States Rights and joined the Confederate forces. Many of the men he served with were from Texas and they honored him by naming the town of Cleburne after him. General Cleburne was killed in the Battle of Franklin, Tenn., on Nov. 30, 1864. He was to have been married that year.

Johnny Reb closed the meeting with “Dixie” on his banjo.


The following are the results of the duplicate bridge games held in Odessa:

  • March 5: First place A, James Hawkins and Gloria Jackson; first place B and C and second place A, Amanda Shaw and Pamela Erskine; second place B and C, Bob Schuler and Mike Robinson.
  • March 9: First place, James Hawkins; second place, Les Neal; third place (tie), Debra Jones and Mike Robinson.
  • March 10: First place A, Helen Davis and Brenda Leonard; first place B and C, Audie Brooks and Bill Brooks; second place A, Betty Fernandez and Barbara Miles; second place B and C, Greg Keys and Lonnie Yee.
  • March 12: First place A, James Hawkins and Gloria Jackson; first place B and C and second place A, Debra Jones and Jay Maher; second place B and C, Mike Robinson and Mike Schlueter.
  • March 16: First place A, B and C, David Hudson and Mike Robinson; second place A, James Hawkins and Gloria Jackson; second place B, Les Neal and Scott Vaughan; second place C, Pamela Erskine and Amanda Shaw.
  • March 17: First place A and B, Paula Baggett and Deborah Brookins; first place C, Audie Brooks and Bill Brooks; second place A, LaDoyce Lambert and Ann Servatius; second place B, Brenda Brauner and Shirley Davenport; second place C, Helen Davis and Linda Farrar.