SCRAPBOOK: Feb. 25, 2018


The Odessa Forum met Feb. 16 at Westminster Presbyterian Church hosted by Odessa Retired Teachers. After the catered lunch, Secretary Brenda Norman introduced the speaker, Peggy Dean, a resident of Odessa for 28 years. Dean was active in many civic organizations in Hobbs, N.M., before moving to Odessa, and has continued that involvement locally. She currently serves as CPA of the Odessa Revitalization project. Dean had several architectural renderings of the finished project on display and a Power Point presentation of individual rooms, samples of possible interior decorations and many outside amenities. It was a very well-received program that got everyone excited about the project.

Forum President Sheryl Jones presided and called the meeting to order, followed by a prayer given by Judy Calloway. Karen Winters lead members in the pledge and the club collect. Norman called the role and read the minutes for the previous meeting. Priscilla Hyson gave the treasurer’s report. Club members reported on their club’s upcoming activities. Norman encouraged all clubs to participate in the Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Appreciation Day event on March 2. Club members will bring goodies to the Odessa Police Department to be enjoyed by the 14 law enforcement and fire protection agencies that are invited to attend.

The next meeting has been scheduled on April 20.


The Permian Basin Chapter 2589 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy met on Feb. 17. Secretary Ann Ellison read the Robert E. Lee prayer, President Eleanor Edmondson read the ritual, Lorene Drapalla led the pledges to the flags and members read the American’s Creed. Ellison read the minutes for the November meeting and they were approved. She then read the treasurer’s report for Toni Miles and a letter from the VA thanking the Chapter for gifts sent to Big Spring veterans in December. Helen Slusher gave a report on the slate of 2018-2020 officers, which will be elected at the March meeting.

Arrangements will need to be made with the new incoming commander of the SCV for the April Confederate Memorial Day observance to the CSA soldiers who are buried at the Ector County Cemetery. Due to illness, no members were able to attend the Confederate Heroes Day observance in January at Fairview Cemetery in Midland. The Lee-Jackson Dinner was held at Desta by the SCV Camp No. 1441 that night.

Members were told that Confederate monuments were now a target in San Antonio. There are several magazines which are highlighting this rewriting of American history and destruction of statutes in the South, some of which are never seen again and are said to be stored in warehouses. These are acts that have never been seen before in the United States, but in Europe and Asia.

Slusher presented the program on one of her ancestors, J. D. B. De Bow. De Bow was a man before his time and had a newspaper that was printed in five different languages and sent throughout the world. His subjects covered many areas like literary, home and foreign commerce, internal improvements, agriculture and manufactures. The “De Bow’s Review” was in print in the 1850’s.

Johnny Reb closed the meeting with “Dixie” on his banjo.


The following are the results of the duplicate bridge games held in Odessa:

  • Feb 5: First place A and B, Scott Vaughan and Lonnie Yee; second place A, James Hawkins and Gloria Jackson; first place C and second place B, David Hudson and Amanda Shaw.
  • Feb 8: First place A, James Hawkins and Robert Bacon; first place B, Debra Jones and Shirley Davenport; first place C, Linda Buzan and Betty Moore; second place B, Debbie Conly and Katheryn Evans.
  • Feb 12: First place A, B and C, David Hudson and John Seymour; second place A, James Hawkins and Gloria Jackson; second place B, Robert Schuler and Scott Vaughan; second place C, Les Neal and Mike Schlueter.
  • Feb 16: First place A and B, Amanda Shaw and Jay Maher; first place C, Delores Schuler and Robert Schuler; second place A and B, Mike Robinson and Scott Vaughan; second place C, Pamela Erskine and Lonnie Yee.
  • Feb 17: First place A, B and C, Linda Buzan and Shirley Davenport; second place A, Robert Bacon and Lena Nichols; second place B, Helen Davis and Brenda Leonard; second place C, Paula Baggett and LaDoyce Lambert.