By Debbie Roland Master Gardener

Do you have a certain color in your garden? I do, by seasons – lavender (irises, hyacinths), yellow (tulips, columbine, daffodils) for spring. Summer I choose red (roses, petunias, geraniums), and fall I usually have orange and bronzes (mums). I love color in my garden, but I try not to randomly have all different ones.

Yellow represents sunshine and cheerfulness. Yellow has an uplifting effect on people. I have read that yellow is the first color processed by the eye. With that being said, it might be used more as a statement plant with a mixed color planting rather than as a main color.

Red, my favorite, has a wow statement. I like red as it is easily seen from the road and is an attention getter. In the language of flowers, red stands for love, the reason red roses are so popular at Valentines. I have found that the right amount of red in my garden can raise my energy level. You need to watch how much red you use as it can be a little overpowering.

I read in a garden magazine a while back that blue has a calming effect and helps with relaxation. In the spring I have larkspur all over my back yard, grass included. I love to sit in the back and watch the wind move the blooms. It IS relaxing to see that with lavender irises nearby. Jimmie doesn’t mow the back grass until the Larkspur has died down.

A color we don’t think about planting in our gardens is green. I can see where it would be restful. There are so many varying shades of green that a combination of colors would make for a positive impact in your garden. If you have shade, plants that are green and would work in shade are hostas, ferns, elephant ears, and caladiums (white ones would work well with other green colored plants).

Whatever color you like or choose, try a new plant in that color. You may find a new plant to love.