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MASTER GARDENERS: From simple to high tech, gardening gadgets make life easier

By Debbie Roland Master Gardener | Posted: Sunday, June 28, 2020 4:00 am

There are many gadgets and devices to help us become better gardeners.

Soil Thermometer: Knowing your soil temperature is a must for starting seeds indoors or outdoors. One of the biggest mistakes is planting too soon before the soil is warm enough to germinate seeds. It is also a big help in managing the compost pile. Checking the temperature in the center of the pile instantly lets you know what is going on. If it is between 130 and 160 degrees it is cooking but anything cooler and the pile will not make a finished compost product.

Moisture Meter: This gadget means no more guessing about when to water. Over or under watering is one of the biggest mistakes of gardeners.

Hole Drill Planter: This is a spiral attachment to a battery drill that can be used to plant bulbs, bedding plants and seedlings. The drill will do the work for you. It can be used for weeding too.

Garden Kneeler and Seat: This foldable gadget is great for gardeners with bad backs or people who struggle to kneel and then get back up. It is a seat but when flipped upside down becomes a kneeler with handles. It is strong but not heavy.

Garden Camera: This one gives you knowledge about what is happening in your garden when you aren’t home or are asleep. It is motion activated and can tell you what is visiting your yard. You will find that your garden isn’t sleeping at all. There is also a version that fits inside bird houses and allows you to watch eggs hatch and the baby birds grow up.

Solar Radio: Some gardeners like to listen to music or catch up on talk radio while they work. My internet search found one that contains a solar panel. It can be wound up for power as well. A great investment for when the power is out too.

There are so many gadgets available. An internet search will lead you to these and so many more. You may want to think about them for a summer birthday (or even Christmas) for your gardening friends.

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