Rising temps equals rising fluid intake

By Taylor Sutton, MS, RD

United Supermarkets’ Lifestyle Desk

It’s heating up out there so let’s make sure we stay hydrated! You’ve probably always heard 8 glasses of water a day, and this is a great start, but recommendations range based on the unique individual.

Things to think about are your: physical activity schedule, surrounding climate, height and weight, do you have any conditions that need to be accounted for, so on and so forth.

For most average adults, we suggest aiming for a goal to consume about half of your body weight in ounces. If this seems like a lot, and it might be to some, think about the fact that you are about 70% fluid.

Everyone is at a different place within their hydration journey, so start where you are and set small realistic goals to build yourself up to your goal, especially since it’s summer and you may be losing water faster!

The benefits of fluid range from helping keep skin clear and supple, manage weight, regulate energy levels and brain function, maximizing physical performance, overall keep the body hydrated and a slew of other things. With that said, there are certain drinks that give you more benefit than others.

For example, water with muddled mint and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice is more nutritionally adequate than a bottle of red wine. An example day might look like coffee, skim milk, 100% juice and water for breakfast; water with fresh fruit with a snack; sparkling water and unsweet tea for lunch; water with a crystal light packet with a snack; red wine, skim milk and water for dinner.

There are many ways in which you can set up your fluid intake during the day so long as you stick to it! Another thing to be mindful about is the fat and sugar content of beverages when you are drinking things other than plain water. We love making all foods and beverages fit in someone’s lifestyle but make sure you are aware that not all fluid is created equal.

We’re not just talking about water or true fluid though! Fruits and vegetables are naturally high in fluid, as well as additional nutrients like fiber and antioxidants. So the point here is that any and all fluid counts toward your overall goal.

Summer produce is all the rage right now and for delicious reasons! Not only is it at peak flavor perfection but there are so many additional benefits to consuming the recommended 5-9 servings.

Melon Mint Spritzer

What You Need

1 Aha water

1 small Cantaloupe Melon, 1/2 c. balled

1 small Honeydew Melon, 1/2 c. balled

1 pkg. Mint

Optional: sparkling wine of choice (we recommend: Santa Margherita Prosecco)

How It’s Made

1. Use a melon baller to hull out melons

2. Freeze balls to use as ice cubes

3. Pour in sparkling water (and optional alcohol) equal parts

4. Garnish with mint leaf and enjoy

Serves 2