By Linda Davila Voss Zavala Principal

Zavala would like to take this opportunity to thank you to all of the individuals in our wonderful community who took the time to visit and help us this year. We had the opportunity to see how having the community involved helped impact our students at Zavala.

The relationship between the community and Zavala provided a positive environment during a challenging time. We hope that this wonderful experience can continue throughout our district for all campuses. We wish we could find the words to express what it meant to us.

As the principal at Zavala, I would like to acknowledge three special women who adopted our school. Mrs. Bagley, Mrs. Eoff, and Mrs. Abalos, “Thank You” for making us a priority. Mrs. Bagley, thank you for helping organize community members for events and spending time with our students. The time you spent was more than we could have imagined. Mrs. Eoff, thank you for making sure our students had books in the library and at home. We appreciate the time spent cleaning and organizing our library. Mrs. Abalos, thank you for attending our Dr. Seuss celebration along with many of your colleagues from Odessa College.

We appreciate you connecting us with Odessa College. We enjoyed all of the encouraging thoughts and prayers from the community. Thank you for believing in our students and staff, and for taking an interest in Zavala and standing with us this year.