LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to drink

I am so thankful that our elected officials are more intelligent than the constituents who elected them that they can make decisions to save us from ourselves and not consider our opinions.

They would like for us to believe tomorrow morning when we get in the shower nothing will come out. Lions and tigers and bears oh my! The only solution to this is a 95-million-dollar revamp of our existing water treatment system? Goodness if I were the Good Witch of the East, I would have a house fall on whoever has been in charge of the maintenance for this. I mean after, all do we not maintain our homes and be proactive?

Certificates of obligation or Bond is this yellow brick road just like in Oz where there are only two choices or perhaps there isn’t just a fork and we can do a private public partnership as has been done with the downtown Marriot or even finding money in the budget.

In other words, folks let’s look at the budget and not add to every constituent’s water bill. Let the people speak and listen to the people who elected you. We had a voice when we elected you why choose to silence us now.

I mean after all at the same meeting the council decided to do the certificates of obligation, they approved a study of downtown at the cost of 85k to see what? If downtown has a heart or a brain….

Ted Tuminowski