LETTER TO THE EDITOR: UTPB likely won’t make money off fields

According to the UTPB athletic director, everything is perfect at the UTPB sports complex. Hundreds of teams and organizations have contacted him about using the facilities. I do think a couple of things need to be pointed out.

One, the reason the teams are using the soccer fields is you’re not charging them, and you have no way of keeping them off the fields. You have padlocked the softball fields, and I have yet to see anyone use these fields the last two months.

Two, Now you have hired a sports management firm to control this complex. If they take in more than a quarter of a million dollars, the university will receive some revenue from this operation. If not, the university receives nothing. He did not mention who pays this company if they don’t reach their revenue goal.

Three, ECISD held a cross country meet on the grounds. Does he not know they have have been holding this meet there the last 15 years?

Soccer is finishing up a successful season at Sherwood Park. Congrats to them for making it work. Midland Girls softball had a record-breaking fall season with over 500 girls – wonder where those extra girls came from? I don’t know about adult softball, but I bet Midland is reaping the benefits of no softball in Odessa.

I hope all the citizens of Odessa realize what has happened here. UTPB had to make money off their university lands so they decided to not renew the lease that had been in place for 25 years. They took possession of $25 million worth of improvements made by the City of Odessa to this land and now they have given control of this park to an outside firm. The only revenue the university will see off this land is if the firm collects more than $250,000. That means they have to make $4800 a week off use fees if the university will receive any benefit. Good luck with that.

And lastly, why was a City of Odessa mower cutting the grass on the softball fields a few weeks ago? Just asking.

Alvin Worthy