By Michael DeMarco Odessa

Flashback to February 2017: Donald Trump is all praise and smiles for Harley-Davidson for staying in Wisconsin and making motorcycles in the USA.

Recently H-D announces that they are sending their jobs to non-tariff countries such as Brazil and Asian countries. Smart business move on H-D’s part, but Trump is livid, says he’s been non-appreciative of his good efforts to save American jobs.

I believe that Trump went to the Wharton School, a very respected economic institution of Pennsylvania University.

Did they not discuss the Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930 there? Probably the worst ever, causing much economic downturn during the Great Depression. (By the way, it was passed by a Republican Congress.)

In 1960, Dr. Jack Prince, my economics professor at Marietta College, harped on this disastrous tariff and said, “Never Again”.

Guess what’s happened? Trump Economics!