LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This isn’t complicated

Let’s quit arguing about whether masks and vaccines are effective or not these two issues have become political footballs.

I, a dumb country-bumpkin from West Texas will solve the matter right now!

If you needed an operation and entered a hospital and all the nurses and doctors were not wearing masks would you stay?

Of course not! The mask issue is answered and solved. Case closed. No more arguing.

Of the 250 COVID-Delta patients in the MCH and ORMC hospital in Odessa and in the Midland Memorial Hospital, 95% are unvaccinated. Five percent are vaccinated and these 5% are not critical. Can you do the math?

Can you add 2 and 2 and get 4 or is that too complicated?

The vaccination matter is solved case closed. Stop arguing.

Look away from politicians, both Biden and Harris, both Trump and Abbott and look away from judges in courts and look to independent doctors (not government doctors).

Doctors say wear masks and get vaccinated Doctors have more medical sense than politicians and judges and you and I!

George Pitts

Fort Stockton