LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There is trouble in our great land

By Carolyn I. Wilkerson Odessa

I said I was not going to write any more letters, but this last two weeks changed my mind.

I’m so sick over one group of adults that think they are so intelligent that they are going to destroy America to get control of the House and Senate. They think Trump supporters are all very uneducated red necks. That proves how out of touch with reality they are.

They don’t want Trump to choose a new Supreme Court Justice. They’re so afraid they won’t be able to murder babies in the womb, they’ll undo homosexual marriages, letting transgenders invade the restroom they choose, and letting pot become legal everywhere. All of this would be wonderful, but that is a small matter to consider.

They cry when illegals (breaking the law to get here) bring their children and we take their children and care for them. Our citizens lose the rights to their children. As long as you are an American, that’s O.K. The people rushing to the border in droves, and try to turn a bus over that was transporting illegals. Americans have the right to keep illegals from any country out of our country. In the Bible, every time Israel took any foreign people in, it was a disaster.

This same group of people that are threatening, abusing, intimidating GOPs, even teenagers. They use the most foul language I’ve ever heard, and I am 74-years-old.

They are so out of touch they can only follow Socialist Ex-President and Vice Presidents. They are in love with a woman who is delusional, narcissistic and arrogant. She thinks she’s God. She can’t believe she lost two runs, and is going to try again. This group of people have no new ideals or new candidates, so they turn into terrorists. They are pathetic, especially Maxine Waters, Pelosi, and some of the other old out dated leaders.

It is sad they have no morals, nothing is against God. Just do your own thing as long as the GOP are harassed, bullied, stalked, embarrassed, and their children aren’t even safe.

I pray and beg, if you are a Christian, if you have families and love America, start voting and speaking out. If you don’t, we will be in the gutter with Hollywood and D.C. Then we’ll not be able to blame anyone but ourselves. Get the wall up and make people come in legally and go through the legal path to citizenship. Thank you. May God bless you. Get up and stand for rights.