LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Texas Democrats At It…Again.

They pulled this same stunt a couple times a few years ago. Walked out to prevent having a quorum for a vote. Some even went to OK and NM.

I believe they should be removed from office when they pull this stunt. They were hired by their constituents to do a representative’s job. They are paid by all the Texas taxpayers.

I wonder how Nancy Pelosi would handle US House Republicans pulling the same stunt to block her stuff from coming to a vote. Or, Chuck Schumer in the Senate. Not having a quorum, however distasteful, can work. It can be a method to bring the Biden parade to a halt. But can also have a wicked toll.

Our “main stream media” lionizes this action by Democrats, but crucifies Republicans for the same. But national political temperament may not be so easily swayed this time.

Douglas Moss